– In Hungary we have an open dialogue going about demographic issues and family policy. We, Hungarians, love children, and family is important to us – this was one of the topics discussed by the Minister of State for Family and Youth Affairs at the 3rd Budapest Demographic Summit.

Katalin Novák recalled the occasion when she bumped into a Spanish friend, who found the usual response of Hungarians to the simple question: “How are you?” rather strange. They tend to give an at least 5-minute answer, with a detailed account of Grandma’s illness, the mother-in-law’s retirement, and the success stories and failures of children at school. When answering this question, Hungarians immediately start talking about their families, as here everyone feels that their family members’ stories of joy or trouble are also theirs.

– Demography is not just one of many issues – it is the most important issue of all – emphasised the Minister of State.

By organising this renowned Conference for the third time, Hungary has created a tradition.

– For two days, Hungary has become the capital of families once again – added Katalin Novák.